When it comes to exercise selection there are a few things you want to keep in mind….

• Choose multi-joint exercises first and isolation exercises last…….Get the most bang for your buck. You do not get an award for doing the most exercises or staying at the gym the longest. Choose exercises that use multiple muscle groups at once.

• Have balance in your program. Instead of thinking muscle groups think movements. Pushing movements (bench press, military press) work your Chest, shoulders, and triceps while pulling movements (rows and pull-ups/pulldowns) work your back and biceps. For your lower body have balance between your quad dominant movements (front squats, squats) and hamstring related movements (stiff leg deadlifts, rdls, leg curls). Also have balance by using unilateral exercises (lunges, split squats, step ups) in your program which are essential for injury prevention.

• Do something you hate! …….The reason most people are lacking results in most areas in their life is because they don’t want to get out of their comfort zone. In the gym these people will go in and do bicep curls, triceps extensions, and shoulder raises with a rest period of laughing it up with friends and then go home without breaking a sweat. Try getting in the squat rack(and squatting!) , a deadlift variation, or pushing a heavy weight (for your skill level) overhead!

• Stay away from most machines and you can also get away without doing most isolation exercises. I often hear ladies tell me they want to do exercises to “tone” their thighs, butt, or help see their abs. I give them my “23 hour rule”…..After you spend an hour training with me please do not ruin it by eating garbage the rest of the day.

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