Top 3 Supplements for Health and Weight Loss

Even though taking supplements are not a necessary piece of the health and weight loss equation I do feel there are 3 supplements that can be very helpful if taken daily.

1. Daily Vitamin: this should be a no-brainer and finding a high quality vitamin/mineral supplement should be a top priority for your health and fat loss goals. Even those that eat a well balanced diet will find it hard to get all their nutrients in daily.

2. Whey protein: Most people focus on Carbs when they should be thinking about ways to get in more high quality protein. In addition to its ability to help you speed up metabolism (by allowing you to maintain muscle mass on a diet) a whey shake can help you get in your required meals per day with very little prep time. Whey protein in between meals will also keep you full and help you fight the urge to eat unhealthy foods.

3. A high quality supplement with Fish or Krill oil: Supplements are not miracle workers but this is a top priority for me. This supplement has been studied more than any supplement and has been proven to help with just about everything………Body Weight, Pain, Memory, Heart, Vision, Energy, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Sex, Sleep, Immune, Liver, PMS for Women, Mood and more…….Another no brainer but make sure you get a high quality version of this supplement for maximum benefits

For more information on these supplements and where to find high quality supplements that are useful follow the link below.

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