If you’ve been working hard on your fitness program but don’t seem to be making progress in the direction you had hoped, it might be time to take a closer look at what could be going on.

Many people completely overlook a few critical errors in their approach that end up costing them results big time down the road.

Let’s take a quick peak at three main reasons why you might not be losing body fat.

You Haven’t Taken Any Diet Breaks

The first main reason you might not be losing fat is if you haven’t taken a diet break for quite some time.  Remember, the longer you stay on your diet, the greater the risk that your metabolic rate will begin to slow.

It’s a very good idea to take a break from your diet every 6-8 weeks and eat at maintenance for at least 3-5 days.  This will jump-start your metabolism and get you burning off fat faster again.

You Aren’t Tracking Your Calories

Second, the next reason why you might not be losing body fat is because you aren’t tracking your calories. It’s a must that you make sure that you’re looking at how many you’re taking in and weighing this against your progress.

Most people grossly underestimate how much they’re consuming and this can significantly halt their progress.

You must be 100% accurate with this.

You Have Been Going Low Carb Forever

Finally, the last reason why you might not be losing body fat is because you’ve been using a low carb diet for as long as you can remember.  Your carb intake is directly associated with your thyroid gland function, so when you bring it very low for extended periods of time, it makes fat loss far more trying.

Bring it up slightly for a few weeks and that should get you back on track.

So keep these points in mind. Apply them to your approach if you’re stuck and get ready to see a difference.