After you’ve just come out of a hard workout session where you’ve given maximum effort and have pushed your body to the limit, one of the top things that you need to make sure you’re doing at this point is getting in a good dose of fast acting protein.

Protein at this point is an absolute must for a number of reasons, so not something you can afford to skimp out on.

Let’s look at why taking in a high quality protein powder around a workout is so important.

Kick Start Recovery And Repair

The first and most important reason to consume protein around a workout session is because doing so will help boost the recovery and repair process. If you’re not getting in your protein, your muscles are going to stay in a broken down state for a longer period of time, increasing the total down time you’ll require between workout sessions.

By taking in protein, you’ll start rebuilding the muscles as soon as the session is completed.

Prevent Muscle Break-Down

Additionally, if you can take in some protein before the workout as well, this is going to help to prevent muscle break-down. Think of this as your preventative method.  Provide the amino acids to the muscles beforehand and they’ll be circulating around in the blood, ready to be used as you go about completing your workout session.

Balance Blood Glucose Levels

Finally, the last reason you must make sure that you take in a good quality protein source after the workout is because you’ll also be taking in (or should be taking in) some carbohydrates to help restore muscle glycogen levels.

As such, you’re going to get a blood glucose spike. The protein will help to balance this out so that it’s fully controllable and not something that’s going to lead to rebound hunger.

Be sure that to balance both of these nutrients out for optimal success. Check out the link below for a sample of a high quality protein powder.

So there you have the key points to know about post-workout protein. Make sure that you get enough.