One exercise must-have that should be included in your workout program if you’re going to see optimal results is the kettlebell swing.

More and more people are starting to get involved with kettlebell training and for good reason – it works.

Kettlebell training is completely unique and different from most of the workouts that you’ve likely been doing and as such, will pose a greater challenge.

Let’s look at why this movement is so beneficial to have in your program plan.

Full Body Movement

The first reason why you should strongly consider adding a kettlebell swing is because it’s going to serve to be an excellent full body movement.  When doing the kettlebell swing, you’ll work multiple muscle groups all at once, therefore increasing your strength level throughout the entire body.

Many exercises target just a single muscle group or two, but the kettlebell swing will help you not only get in a more effective workout, but also save time.

High Calorie Burn

The second reason to consider adding the kettlebell swing to your workout is because it’s going to be very effective for boosting your overall calorie burn.

Not only will you burn up a load of calories doing the exercise, but you’ll continue to burn calories for an extended period of time after the exercise is complete.

So if you want to see fat loss results, this really can’t be beat.

Increased Explosive Power

Finally, the last reason to consider adding a kettlebell swing to your workout is because it’s going to dramatically boost your explosive power. This is great news for excelling at any other exercises that you’re going to perform, as well as for boosting sports performance if you are involved with those activities.

This increased fitness benefit you’ll receive helps the kettlebell swing outshine many standard weight lifting movements, so definitely something that will work to your advantage.

So there you have the primary reasons why adding the kettlebell swing is a must. Make sure that you aren’t leaving it out of your program plan.