I receive a lot of questions about weight loss supplements and if they are useful to take when the goal is to burn fat. In today’s post and in future post I start to touch on ingredients that are beneficial when weight loss is the goal. Today I will touch on green tea and how it will benefit your overall health in addition to improve the rate of fat loss. Below are just some of the benefits…..

• Protecting skin from ultraviolet radiation
• Protection against a number of different cancers
• Increased life span
• Protection of the brain
• Increased antioxidant levels
• Theanine has been reported to negate the jittery effect of caffeine, and heighten mental acuity and some have even said give a relaxed but aware state.
• Last but not least are increased fat metabolism!!!!

I am a believer in supplements, but only as an aid to a healthy lifestyle. It is not a cure all but can be very beneficial in conjuction with a healthy lifestyle. I see green tea as an effective tool in your weight loss arsenal. Prograde nutrition sells a very high quality fat loss supplement that has green tea as the base so check out the link below for more information.


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