If you’re on a mission to improve your health and fitness, getting enough protein is a must.  Sadly though, many people struggle with taking in enough protein as protein-rich foods aren’t always the easiest to prepare, nor are they generally the foods that people crave.

Protein powder makes this easier.  It’s quick, convenient, and can be incorporated into your diet in a number of different ways, so it’s really the ideal option for those on the go.

Let’s take a quick peak at two main points you need to know in order to choose your protein powder properly.

Think About When You’ll Use It

The first thing to consider is when you plan to use your protein powder.  If you want to use it between meals or right before bed, go with a casein protein powder. This form of protein digests much more slowly in the body, which means that it’ll keep your muscles satisfied for a longer time to come.

If you’re going to be using the protein powder immediately after a workout on the other hand, then you’ll want to go with a whey isolate, which is designed for rapid digestion. This will help boost your recovery rates and work perfectly at that time.

Check The Carb And Fat Count

Moving along, the next thing that you should be doing is looking at the carbs and fat content. If you want to use it to replace a meal, get a protein powder that has these added nutrients added in.  That will give you more sustenance until you can eat again.

On the other hand, if you’re dieting intensely, you want as few carbs and fats as possible.  You don’t want to take these nutrients in with your powder – you want to get them from whole foods instead.

So there you have the main points to consider as you select your whey protein powder.  Take these into account and you’ll make a smart decision.