Most people diet as their first means of losing weight, only to see their attempts at dieting fail within a matter of months. What’s even worse? You tend to gain back more weight than you lost – leaving you worse off than when you started. Here is the one point most dieters never think to consider – you didn’t fail in dieting, dieting failed you.

It’s not that you don’t need to lose weight, but diets are a system that is designed to fail. When your body is deprived of the calories that dieting promises to help you avoid, you go into starvation mode. Much like when your computer conserves energy when you are not using it, your body sees the diet as being deprived or starved, and takes measures to conserve energy by lowering your metabolism.
In order to burn calories, you need to increase your metabolism, that’s what keeps your body from storing fat – because it’s using the fat as fuel. Your body stores excess calories as fat, for when there isn’t an adequate food supply to keep your body fueled. When your body is in starvation mode, the first thing your body does is eliminate water weight – effectively dehydrating you. That can account for about 40-50% of your weight loss. Next, your body will burn some fat and some lean muscle – only 25% of the weight you drop is fat.

When you stop dieting, you will have lost lean muscle along with fat and lean muscle helps you burn calories at a higher rate. When the diet is over, your metabolism is lower than it was when you started and you gain weight much more easily and the weight you gain is mostly fat. When dieting fails, it’s easy to become depressed, and many people soothe themselves with food. The other main problem with dieting is this: when your body feels starved, your hunger and cravings increase, so you feel hungry all the time. It’s hard enough to diet, but most people drop off the diet in response to the cravings.

This vicious cycle of dieting causes people who only needed to drop 15-20 pounds when they first began dieting to end up gaining an additional 5-10% more than what they lost to begin with. Compound this with the number of diets a person puts themselves on and it is no wonder that more than half the adults in America are overweight. Losing weight is enough of a challenge without subjecting your body to the many pitfalls of dieting.

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