The simplest equation to allow a person to lose fat, not lean muscle mass, is to burn more calories than you take in. Any weight loss equation starts this way. The only way to take off the pounds is to use the stored energy in fat rather than having your body pull the energy essential for daily activities from your regular dietary intake.

To ensure that you are losing fat instead of lean muscle ( which keeps your metabolism high and burns calories even while at rest) slightly decrease your caloric intake while increasing your amount of physical activity. There are two clear benefits to this.

First, by following a properly designed exercise program, you are slowly building lean muscle mass – an essential tool to a higher metabolism, stronger body, and lower fat ratio. Second, you avoid the starvation phase that most diets prompt. When your body majorly decreases its caloric intake, your body thinks it’s being starved and lowers your metabolism to keep pace with your new calorie consumption. This prohibits your body from losing weight properly – actually, it’s a mechanism that your body employs to keep itself fed and hold fat stores for future use. This is one thing we must try to avoid.

People who choose to diet as their main means of weight loss often lose a percentage of lean muscle mass and lose a significant portion of the water weight that keeps a person hydrated. As your goal in weight loss is to decrease your body fat ratio, losing lean muscle is counterproductive. By adding more activity to your routine and building an exercise regime, you are slowly adding lean muscle while burning calories to reach your fat loss goals. This balance allows your body to stay satiated with a proper calorie count, gradually builds muscle while eliminating fat, and doesn’t cost you precious lean muscle mass.

If you are just starting out with fitness and need help making fitness goals, designing a workout with a personal trainer is the best way to go. Your trainer will assess your fitness level and create a workout that is tailored to your activity level and will give you more tips for losing fat and building your muscle mass. Knowing that each person is different and that your body’s unique metabolism is triggered by activity and calorie intake, working with your doctor and a trainer can help you shed fat pounds safely, while improving your overall health.

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