Middle age spread, isn’t it nice that they actually came up with a term for it? What causes middle age spread? There are a number of reasons why many people put on weight as they get older, but one of the major causes is a lack of movement.

Younger people tend to move more in general. Overall, they are more active. Think about your lifestyle and how it has probably changed in the last twenty years.

When you first bought your home, you were probably the one out in the yard every weekend doing all the things needed to be done to keep it looking great. You were the one raking the leaves, cutting the grass and pulling the weeds. During the winter, shovelling was mandatory if you wanted to get to work. If you have children, chances are that as they got older you asked them to help with these things, if not take over entirely.

The same principle applies to inside chores and work. You get the children to help with the cleaning or get them to go downstairs and bring up the laundry. All of these things add up. These are all small things that you used to do all the time. They were a part of your normal life. These chores got you up and moving and all of these things burned calories.

You may not have changed your eating habits, but you have reduced the number of calories that you burn. The result of this slow decline in activity is the slow gain of weight. After years of this reduced activity, you are going to see the signs. If you do not get moving again you will not be able to stop middle age spread.
What you need to do now is to formulate a plan to counter act this lack of movement. Yes, you could go back to doing all of these things for yourself, you can diet, you can start working out, or you can find small ways to increase your movement each day. These simple things will burn calories and will over time aid in your battle against that increasing waistline. Many of these thoughts and ideas you may have heard before, but the reason that you keep hearing them is because they really do work.

Stop using the elevator. Yes, you are going to have to climb the stairs. Before you roll your eyes and think about the fact that your office is on the twenty third floor – plan to only go up the first three flights. Then increase the number of stairs that you are climbing as you become comfortable.

Stop taking the car to the corner store, instead get out and walk. Take the dog with you, he will probably be grateful for the chance to get out and move, even if you are not. Park as far away from the door of the mall as you can. Hike the rest.

Dust off the exercise bike and move into a location where you will use it. Most people lose interest because they find biking boring. Watch TV and bike. Get on it and pedal for the first quarter of the football game.

These techniques are not going to give you dramatic results. You will not lose twenty pounds in a month. What they will do is help you to lose weight slowly and at the very least stop the spread.