October assessments are being taken this week and they are looking awesome! So proud of each and every one of you!

Most of you that know me well know that I am either going to do something the way it is supposed to be done, or not do it all. Life is way too short to spend time in the gray area, to be average.

When analyzing what separates the clients getting great results from the “average client” I have noticed the following…….

The clients getting great results…….
• Find a way to make it happen….NOW
• Follow my advice by sending in food logs and taking an initial assessment
• Show up consistently
• Work hard
• Don’t make excuses

IF you meet the criteria above then contact me. My goal is to separate my boot camp from EVERY other “group class” in this area. Even though I am not making the food logs and assessments mandatory, they are HIGHLY recommended for those whose goal is fat loss. I make the assumption that if someone is interested in seeing me they are also interested in getting RESULTS. This post is a challenge to you to take action right NOW! If you would not like for me to text or call when you don’t make it to a session and ignore the fact that you are not seeing progress, then go join your local gym or some other “group class” that doesn’t even know your name or goals. 200% is all that you will get from me, but I expect the same from you.