If I had a dollar for everyone that asked me how to lose fat around their abs Bill Gates would be borrowing money from me!!! So here is the answer everyone has been waiting for (drumroll please)……..Your diet has to be in check in order for you to see the hard work you are putting in at the gym. This is the the reason I touch on this with all my clients and offer basic diet advice that will allow them to reach their goals. After a training session my clients will hear me say “now it’s time to take care of the other 23 hours of the day!” Spot reduction is not possible without surgery. Get your diet in check,follow a well balanced exercise routine, and the fat will come off. So you still have fat in your problem area?..Then continue to be consistent with your exercise routine and following sound dieting habits(or step it up a notch if you are not seeing RESULTS) and It will come off. Check out my previous posts for some ideas on how to clean up your diet so you can see the six pack!!!

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