A few weeks ago I received the best training advice ever from a friend ….

“Detric, there is someone training harder than you. Someone doing a few more reps than you, someone who wants it more than you do.”

So after reading a million books, reviewing a billion websites, listening to professors, and getting degrees/certifications I get the best advice ever from a training partner.

Keep your goals in mind and never lose focus. That person who has all the luck or great genetics probably works harder than you do. They are probably more consistent than you are. They have probably failed more than you have, learned from their mistakes, and keep getting up, only to get better each time.

Here is my challenge to you…

1. Show up everyday
2. Do not let anyone work harder (or smarter) than you do

That’s it for today folks! Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and welcome Monday as another opportunity to get better!

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