If you’ve been going about your workout program and feeling great and then one day, you just don’t seem to have that desire to hit the gym or maintain a good diet, you need a quick motivation check-up.

Motivation does tend to come and go for a number of people but as long as you have a game-plan strategy for those times when it is faltering, you can be sure that you keep it higher over the long term.

Here are a few quick tips to use when your motivation takes a turn for the worse.

Think About The Positives

The very first thing that you should do is write down a long list of all the positive benefits and changes that you’ve been noticing in your body.  Far too often we focus on the negatives, without even acknowledging the progress we’re making.

Start looking at that progress. Simply by keeping it in your mind, you’ll feel more compelled to move forward.

Find Some Inspiration

Next, find a good source of inspiration. This could be a positive role model – someone you look up to or it could be a magazine picture of a body you wish to obtain (just make sure it’s realistic).

Whatever works for you – use it.  Look at or talk to this inspiration as often as possible.

Change Up Your Program

Finally the last quick and simple way to regain motivation is to change up your workout program. If you’ve been going to the gym day after day doing the exact same thing, it’s no wonder you’re bored.

Anyone would be bored in that case.  Try something new. Whether it’s a few new exercises or an entirely different form of workout that gets you out of the gym completely, the change of pace will definitely do you good.

So think of these next time you’re in a motivational rut and need a boost. They’ll get you back up to speed quickly.