I have noticed that the name boot camp scares off some people, so below I attempt to explain how we are different from that class you took at your local gym….. No army hat here

1. Different levels within each group: In a lot of group classes an instructor just stands up front and calls out exercises, and if you can not do it, oh well…it’s time for you to find another class. NOT US! For every exercise we will have level 1-3 which represents a variation or progression that is right for you.

2. Intro level group personal training sessions: We have levels for everyone. If you feel uncomfortable in our regular boot camp then come try out our entry level group.

3. A 30 minute assessment, consult, and goal setting session with a trainer certified by the American College of Sports Medicine and/or National Strength and Conditioning Association to learn more about your goals and start to develop YOUR plan…. And there is a BIG difference between these certifications and some overnight course that anyone can take.

4. Form your own group option: Still feel uncomfortable training with people you do not know? We also have time slots open where you can train with your friends or even get one on one attention from a personal trainer.