As you go about your workout program, one thing that you should make sure you’re doing on a continual basis is assessing your progress.  It’s important that you’re constantly looking at what you’re doing to ensure that you are in fact moving in the right direction.

Some people allow themselves to stick with a program far too long without seeing the results they’re after, which only then leads them quickly into a fat loss plateau.

Or, they strictly use the scale as a judge of whether they’re making progress, which while it can be good, it doesn’t always tell the complete picture.

Let’s look at a few fast methods that you can start using that will quickly allow you to see how you fare with your program.

The Mirror Test

First things first, when it comes to appearances, it’s important to realize that there’s much more than just what the scale spits out.  Start using the mirror as a guide.  Do you look leaner in the mirror? If you do, then you’re on the right track regardless of what the scale says.

If you’re gaining muscle, your weight could be going up but this doesn’t mean you aren’t making progress.

The Heart Rate Test

The second test is the heart rate test. Monitor how quickly your heart rate returns back to normal after a cardio session. If it bounces back to resting pace quickly, you’re in great shape. If you feel winded for 10 minutes, you have some work to do.

The better your conditioning, the better your heart rate will adjust itself to current exertion levels.

The Fatigue Test

Finally, also look at how fatigued you are on a day to day basis.  If you feel constantly run down and tired, this is a good sign that you need to increase your workout frequency and potentially intensity. On the other hand, if you feel energized by day’s end and ready to hit the gym the next day, your fitness is definitely improving.

Keep going on as you’re on the way to great results.

Make sure that you have a look over these three factors from time to time. They can give you a better glimpse into your overall workout progress.