Seeing people fail to reach their goals bothers me…seeing people work hard and still not reach their goals is even worse. Below are a few things I see people doing(or not doing) that prevent them from reaching their goals…

1. You have no goals….or you have too many goals…Get focused!!!..You have to work towards something, and if your goal is to run a marathon, win a powerlifting meet, and lose 30lbs in the next 12 weeks then you will get nowhere fast. You can get stronger, build muscle, lose fat, and improve performance, but having a detailed plan with appropriate goals is essential. Going from doing nothing to exercising on a consistent basis and you will probably be able to improve quite a few goals at once. If you are advanced then “laser focus” on a specific goal is necessary.

2. No balance within your program…I am not talking about the coach who will have his members doing squats on a bosu ball and calling it “functional” just to look cool. 99.9% of the population is better off training as an athlete as opposed to following a bodybuilder program. Push, Pull, hinge, squat,pick things off the floor (deadlift), single leg work, rotational work, train from different angles, stabilization, posture, core work (not just abs or crunches),etc.. Use compound exercises that work a lot of muscle groups at once to get better results and save time. This time can be spent addressing all of the compononents of a well thought out program. If you have 20lbs to lose your bicep curls and calf raises are doing absolutely nothing. Throw in the accessory work to bring up your weaknesses or address a specific concern but this should not be your entire program.

3. Consistently working hard is always the key!!!…Your program should reflect this!…Do you have a plan in place that will allow you to do this?!..Does your plan…..

Help you prevent injuries?… include pre-hab work? soft tissue work? Joint mobility? Dynamic flexibility (flexibility work while you are moving)?..address muscular imbalances?……If you are injured you are not working at your potential. A lot of these things are not popular(its not cool and does not sell people) and do not get a lot of attention but they are VERY important. Do these things and you will notice yourself feeling and moving better in no time. Warming up is not just hopping on the treadmill and touching your toes.

Address your specific weakness? …You are not the person training next to you!!!..Everyone should not be doing the same thing!!!…Even in a group setting!!!

Allow you to progress at your level?…There Is nothing magic about a particular exercise or piece of equipment. The magic comes when an exercise is a part of a well thought out program that helps you reach a specific goal. Choose a program that has a progression scheme in place with different exercises and variations.

Address Recovery?.. Stress the body and recover….this is the core of program design, but some people forget this. …..Are you getting enough sleep to recover? Are you taking in enough protein? Eating the right foods? Staying hydrated? Are you doing too much? Periodization should be in place with every program. Train SMART and not just hard!!.There is a difference between working your butt off consistently on a well thought out program and training with a coach whose only goal is to make you throw up every session so he can make a name for himself. Some sessions should be harder than others and certain times of the month/year should be harder than others. If you are a competitive athlete then you should know how to peak for a certain date.

Reaching your goals is a “marathon”. If you are only thinking about the next month or programs that promise miracles then you will get nowhere. Think “Compound effect” : the little things called habits that you do everyday.

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