1. It will be easy! 21 days to a 6 pack! 6 minute abs!….Not really! Expect to put in the work over the long haul to get results with fat loss. The average person expects the weight to come off overnight, when their bad habits over the past few years is the reason they are overweight in the first place. Clients will notice feeling better immediately, and then drastic results can be seen in 8-12 weeks IF they are consistent, work hard, and make healthy changes to their diet.

2. Spot reduction: I always get the question “what exercises can I do to get rid of fat around ____”. Your body will get rid of fat in some places before others. In order to lose fat in your problem area just keep reducing your body fat percentage through regular exercise and eating healthy.

3. Toning?! Muscles do not go from soft to hard or hard to soft. You either gain muscle or lose muscle, gain fat or lose fat. That “toned” look is the result of losing body fat and gaining or maintaining muscle.

4. Lifting weights will make me big and bulky!!!! Most females will either not lift weights or lift light weights for high reps in fear of looking big and bulky! In order for someone to “get huge” it requires an excess of calories. Most of the freaky looking bodybuilders you see on the magazine have combined these excess calories with steroids also. I have continued to get stronger over the years and recently competed in a powerlifting meet where I squatted and deadlifted 425 lbs and benched 315. This was done at a bodyweight slightly under my weight class of 165. I have been consistent around this body weight for years, and when this weight goes up it because I am taking in more calories.

5. Fancy equipment is needed. Fitness equipment is a major industry so they will promise you everything under the sun to sell their products. Some of it can be useful but none of it necessary. The best exercises can be done with your bodyweight or with simple barbells and dumbbells. Most gyms will sell you on a piece of equipment because they realize most people would rather sit down and push their arms or press their legs than do push-ups or squats. Most of the time if it’s harder it’s better. Most gyms know that the average person is lazy and looking for the easy way out. They sell to these average people. These average people end up looking the same way they did when they bought their gym membership and their Montell Williams ab coaster 5 years ago. Do yourself a favor and get an expert personal trainer to lay out the program for you.

6. All personal trainers are created equal : On multiple occasions I have had someone say that so and so is a personal trainer just like you only to find out this person took a weekend course. Since I took the time to get a college degree in the field, attain the highest levels of certifications (American College of Sports Medicine and National Strength and Conditioning Association), and have been doing this for over a decade, this one makes me a little angry. Our field needs more regulation but until that happens do your research on who is training you. Hiring some of these fake personal trainers is the equivalent of getting Dr. Dre to take care of your sick child.

7. Protein powders will make me big and bulky!!!! As stated above an excess of calories will make you gain weight. Some of that weight will be muscle but you will not look like a bodybuilder on the front of FLEX magazine. I promise!! You will be hard pressed to find a fitness model who is not striving to add more weight or a few more reps to the bar while taking in a large percentage of her calories from high quality protein.

Detric Smith is a personal trainer in Williamsburg VA who specializes in helping clients lose weight through his business www.resultsperformancetraining.com Contact him today to get into the best shape of your life.