The 10X rule is about MASSIVE action!!!! Let me sum this book up real quick with a question for you. If you have not reached your goals then whose fault is it?!…alright, second guess (HINT: look in the mirror) Take responsibility and then take massive action daily towards your HUGE goals.NEVER give up! Stop Making excuses!

You have heard me talk about your fitness GPA before..goals, plan, ACTION (that word again!). An aggresive title with this one but a great read about getting the most out of EVERY single second. Get your attitude in check and know it is going to happen. Set some HUGE goals, take the time to plan, and then take massive action to reach those goals. This book will motivate you!

Can you lose 20lbs without losing the first pound? If you were on a one day contract with your career, your health, or a relationship then how would you spend next 24 hours?

You are what you do daily! Don’t waste a second when it comes to reaching your goals. Are you willing to go through the daily grind to reach your goals? Are you willing to Work when no one is watching you?

You have heard me talk about the Compound Effect A LOT! If you have done a success session with me then you have heard me talk about the 3500 calories in a pound of fat equation, and how that one bad habit might be the difference between losing (or gaining) that 2 pounds. Stop thinking overnight success because it does not exist. You will never overcome what you do DAILY and this book will show you that. Dont miss a session, work your butt off, keep a food log, have your meals prepared in advance, and schedule your FREE success session with me by sending an email to so we can discuss your plan!!!

Detric Smith, CSCS,ACSM-HFS