Every workout is different, and some will be harder than others, which is part of a long term plan to help you make progress. We focus on movement patterns so progress can be monitored over time. Think train like an athlete, because life is about performing.

Going back to the point above…if you just want a program that changes for the sake of changing then go do a workout dvd or something. There is a difference between changing things up and doing something consistent enough to learn and perfect a movement pattern.

We expect hard work but we are not a beat our members down into the ground to make a name for ourselves workout, but a PROGRAM that builds over 8 to 12 weeks and beyond. Long term progress is key. We will help you find your level…and then find the next level!!!

Work hard and be consistent. …the boring stuff done well will always beat out NEW AND EXCITING. Think about how many times you have done new and exciting in the past?

Individual modifications are essential. The biggest problem I see are the people that think they are the person next to the them.

Slow progress is progress, baby steps are always better, crawl before you walk, and do the boring stuff (don’t miss, get the extra rep, eat well consistently) better than the person next to you.

Stop giving up and making excuses. Own your goals, and work hard to reach them. If your goals are worth it then the process will not be fun at times….Even worse is looking in the mirror and seeing the same person you saw yesterday. Do something about it.

Expect extreme soreness during those first 2 weeks (and you will feel some after that also 🙂 …. but don’t think soreness is an indicator of progress. There are plenty of people who have been sore for years and have not come one step closer to their goals.

What is your goal? Are you focused on that goal? Are your actions getting you to that goal? …GPA..goals, plan, action.

Are you crossfitt?…..NO….. Are you p90x….NO

Results are the only thing that really matters.

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