Follow a diet instead of changing habits. Get into the mindset that you will start on Monday, the New Year,  or some future date instead of changing one small thing…Today!!

Copy someone just because they look good or they trained someone famous like Jennifer Lopez. Don’t consider the fact that you are an individual and that same plan did not work for you the first 18 times.

Choose a short cut. Ignore the fact that it will take being consistent over time. Pick a week or a month of being “hardcore”  and then take 2 to 3 months off. Repeat

Remember are perfect!! Hold yourself to the same standards as some professional bodybuilder or fitness model. Don’t have a plan for  when things go wrong or give yourself credit for the progress you are making.  Do it all yourself and don’t worry about having someone  hold you accountable. You. Are. Perfect!!

Do not work hard and smart…sit down on a machine, follow no plan, and ignore your injuries and the fact that you have not worked out in a year. You can also work so hard you are sore for a week and then bask in that moral victory until the next time you show up… next week. Choose exercises because they look cool and/or because you saw someone who looks cool doing them.

Focus on things like being sore, feeling the burn, and scale weight  instead of tracking results with accurate bodyfat assessments,  lifting heavier weights, and improving range of motion/mobility.

If it has not worked for you, do it again! Go purchase a commercial gym membership while ignoring the fact you don’t know what to do when you get there. Ignore the fact that you will lose motivation and then take all the blame for it. Continue to go at it by yourself and do not ask for help.

…When you are ready to get Results send that email over to Detric at with  FREE SUCCESS SESSION  in the title. You can even send a text over to 757-589-7028 and get a real person to answer your questions instead of a sales person who is going to show you a cool piece of equipment, sign you up for 3 years, and never help you unless you  pay them $60 per session. In addition to the Free success session we are going to give you a FREE TRIAL WEEK so you can see if we are a good fit. What do you have to lose?