Congrats on making the decision to change your life with our fitness boot camp! Below are a few tips, facts, and common and answers to common questions.

1. Don’t think about it, make a decision! Please don’t be the person that comes up with a million excuses or says “now is not the right time.”

2. Show up!!! This is common sense but you have to show up to get results. Don’t miss a session and we guarantee results! Get out your calendar and schedule all your sessions before the month starts. Even though we have your times reserved for you there will be that night when the kids have events, you are out of town, etc. Plan in advance and don’t make excuses.

3. Do not start too fast! Don’t try to return to your high school playing days in the first week. Our trainers will help you modify the sessions to fit your needs. Follow the program and tell us how things are going so we can make the session fit your needs. It’s ok and optimal to take a water break and pace yourself with the first few sessions. Focus on technique and understand the reason why you are doing each exercise.

4. Ask a lot of questions. We are huge on education!!! Take advantage of the free consult if you have not done so already. This is where we turn the group session into group personal training for you.

5. Take advantage of the free assessment. Please don’t be the individual that looks at the scale every other day. Get your body fat percentage and measurements taken. Take a before pic and track how your clothes fit. You will gain muscle, lose fat, look better, and improve your metabolism so that you can make constant progress.

6. You will never out-train a bad diet, Never. Purchase the 21 day detox so you can get off to a great start with this. We also analyze food logs for no extra charge. Ask a lot of questions with this because there is so much mis-information about what to eat. If you are stuck in the 60s with your food guide pyramid, think whole grains are actually good for you, afraid to eat protein because you will bulk up, and not seeing results with fat loss then take advantage of this. You can track your calories all you want but if 80 percent of them are coming from carbs, processed/fast food, marketed as low fat, or just flat out junk then you will never get results.

7. Fight through the first week soreness. In most cases the first session will be awkward as you pick up on how the sessions go. You will still be dealing with some soreness the 2nd and 3rd session which will make your first week very rough. I highly recommend some light stretching, foam rolling, walking, and making all the sessions the first week so you can make it through this phase. There is nothing like the first week soreness so don’t think all the sessions will be like this.

8. We are group personal training. We are not a group class. We get people out of the group class mentality. There is no I will show up when I feel like showing up here. You will be checked on when you miss. You will be held accountable for getting results.

9. We are not crossfitt. We have programs, not workouts. We push our members hard, but we also work smart. We care about technique and have a program that can be sustained for the long haul. Long term progress is the only real progress.

10. Tell us if anything is bothering you! This might seem like common sense but don’t be that person that tells us of a joint pain AFTER the session. You are not the person next to you! We spend a lot of time coming up with specific modifications for you. Ask questions and take advantage of this.

11. Tell us what you are doing outside of the sessions. Our program is great but if you are not following our advice on how to recover outside of the session or doing too much then you will not get the results you desire.

Make a decision and then make it happen! We are excited to work with you!