Q…Why is it that my run times continue to improve but I am gaining weight?

A…..Make sure you send over a food log and I will look over this for you. In response to your running routine keep in mind this is just one portion of a well designed overall program.

Do not relate running with weight loss which is something that a lot of people do because of the calories burned. I have been able to work with clients who have lost 10-15 lbs with no traditional cardio. Running is great, if running is your goal. Long distance running in a lot of cases increases cortisol drastically which will make it very hard to hold on to muscle, especially if you do not have a well planned resistance training routine(also diet and supplementation) in place. Look at the body of a marathoner versus a sprinter? Traditional cardio does not address metabolism…Metabolism is muscle.

What I specialize in with my programs is called metabolic conditioning. By Combining strength training exercises with “cardio” exercises, or simply reducing the rest period between resistance exercises, you create the same training effect of traditional cardio while also addressing your metabolism. Check out the article that I wrote to give you more information about this….


Ask one of my boot campers if their heart rate gets up?………and then stays there throughout the session?…and even after? You receive the same benefits of traditional “cardio” while also addressing your metabolism which is necessary for long term fat loss. The initial weight loss that comes from a poorly designed program can be muscle. Lose muscle, your metabolism slows, and then going into week 3 or 4 of your diet you have already hit a plateau. This is also the reason the assessment of body composition is so important. I feel the boot camp is the best choice for fat loss because you address every aspect of a successful fat loss and exercise plan at each session. Combine this with the support outside of each session and you will not fail if you are consistent and put forth the effort required to reach your goals.

A typical session will start off with a general and dynamic warm-up that consist of movements that address and assess the way my clients move session to session. In addition to warming up in preparation for the session we are addressing mobility, stability, quality of soft tissue, balance, flexibility, activating and awakening muscles, looking for imbalances, addressing posture and neutral spine, breathing,etc. I will tell my clients to treat this portion of the session the same as what some may consider the main “metabolic conditioning” portion of the session explained in the article above.

Detric Smith,CSCS,USAW,ACSM-HFI can be reached through his site www.resultsperformancetraining.com about his personal training and fitness boot camps in Williamsburg, VA