As you progress along with your workout program, one type of workout session that you might consider at some point is a boot camp.

Boot camp training is a hot form of workout right now for a number of reasons – it’s fast, effective, and fun.  Seems like the workout to do.

But, will it help you accomplish your strength goals? Let’s have a quick look at what to consider.

Functional Strength

The first great thing about bootcamp training is the fact that they will be very effective for boosting your functional strength. Many of the exercises that you’ll do in this variety of workout session are going to be very applicable to everyday movement patterns.  It will be easy to notice how the sessions  benefit into your everyday life.

As a result, you will find you feel fitter overall and complete everything else with ease. Having a high level of functional strength is very important.

Maximum Strength

Second, when it comes to maximum strength, this is where boot camps can fall slightly short. The issue here is that you won’t be pressing up a full weight load while doing boot camp training, so you may not get as much sheer strength as you would performing a set of all out squats or bench press for example.  This is a non-issue for those whose goal is fat loss and to simply gain back the muscle and strength they have lost over the years. For athletes and those that compete in strength sports I would recommend a few extra strength training sessions per week.

Anaerobic Strength

Finally, the last place where bootcamps shine is when it comes to your anaerobic strength. Since they’re going to have you working at a high intensity level throughout the entire workout session, taking rest where necessary, this will create a very strong heart and cardiovascular system.

So all in all, boot camps are excellent for boosting your strength level and studies how shown that this form of training is superior to steady state cardio for fat loss.