If you’re working hard in your training sessions, one thing that you must be doing is looking at the many different things that you can do to enhance your recovery ability.  The more frequently you can get into the gym, the better the results you’ll see from each workout session you do, therefore the faster your progress will move along.

Many people completely overlook recovery and think that simply getting in their post-workout meal will be enough.  This isn’t always enough however and sometimes it’s helpful to take extra measures.

One such measure that you may want to look into is foam rolling.  This recovery technique has been used by Olympic level athletes for a number of years and now more and more people are starting to look into it as well.

Let’s have a closer peak at what this is about.

What Is Foam Rolling?

Foam rolling is a type of recovery technique where you place a cylindrical piece of foam under the body, usually a place that’s sore or tight, and then gently roll back and forth across it.  In doing so, you’re going to cause a small degree of stress and tension on the muscle fibers, releasing their stress and helping you recover at a faster rate.

This process may cause some slight feelings of temporary discomfort, but when done with ease, will definitely help to relieve muscle soreness and tightness.

Foam rolling is a very relaxing process that can help to loosen up the tissues and increase the rate of blood flow to the hard-worked muscles.

How Often Should You Perform It?

If terms of how often you should be performing foam rolling, aim for two to three times per week, or whenever you feel particularly sore or tight.  There’s no set rule for how frequently you have to do it, but rather you should use the way you feel as a guide.

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