I sent out a special email to my boot campers last week asking about charities and organizations that they hold close to their heart. Thanks for the huge response! I plan to help each and every one of you, because I know that all of you are doing big things for our community and beyond. Please continue to send over your ideas for those organizations that need help raising money for a good cause.

Boot camper Angela (who those in the 7am class know) is on a special mission to help children in Rwanda who go without food, clothing, shelter and many other things that we sometimes take for granted. From knowing Angela, and reading her passionate email, I decided this is something that I would like to take action on ASAP. In addition to raising money for this cause, Angela plans to stay in Rwanda in 2013 to personally help these children and their community.

In order to help Angela reach her goal I need your help! Between now and May 12th, For every person who tries out the boot camp with the special link below, I plan to donate all of the proceeds to help Angela’s mission. Just one workout for $17, dedicated to those who are less fortunate, and all of the proceeds go to help this special cause. If you are a current member who would like to help those who are less fortunate all you have to do is spread the word about this special event…send this link to your friends, share the link from the Results Performance Training facebook page, and invite your friends to help out this special cause while getting the workout of their life! Current members can also help by making donations to this special cause.

After you have paid with the special link above review my site www.resultsperformancetraining.com and tell me which times and locations best fit your schedule. If these times do not fit your schedule I also plan to open up a special Saturday session for those who help me raise money for this special cause. Send me an email to info@resultsperformancetraining.com with this info and I will send over the required paperwork and information to get you registered for your session!

Detric Smith

Detric Smith, CSCS, USAW,ACSM-HFI is a weight loss specialist and sports performance coach in Williamsburg, VA who can be reached for his personal training services by contacting him through his site www.resultsperformancetraining.com