If you’re looking to break away from the traditional form of weight lifting training using dumbbells and barbells, one form of workout that you’ll definitely want to consider is sandbag training.

As more people are starting to turn to alternate approaches to help meet their fitness goals, these different types of resistance methods are being utilized.

Sandbag training is a great option for many people for a number of reasons. Let’s look at why you may want to consider sandbag training for yourself.

Works Many Muscles At Once

The very first reason to consider sandbag training is because it’s going to utilize many muscles at once in the body. The exercises that you’ll typically perform sandbag training with are going to be very compound in nature, meaning you utilize more than one muscle group to complete each activity.

For this reason, you’ll see greater metabolic increases after the session and a higher overall level of fitness improvement as well.

Can Be Done Anywhere

The second big benefit to sandbag training is that it can be done anywhere.  You don’t have to have a full set of dumbbells across a number of weight ranges or specific weight lifting machines. This makes it ideal for those who perform to do home workout sessions after learning how to use the equipment correctly.

Increases Core Activation

Finally, sandbag training is also great for enhancing your level of core activation in the body. All the many muscles with in the core of the body will be activated when performing the exercises with the sandbag, so it’ll serve as two workouts in one. You’ll get strength benefits for all areas of the body and then additional core strength benefits as well.

So don’t overlook sandbag training any longer. Give some consideration to getting it in your approach.