1. The track what they eat.
2. They plan. What are you going to have this week?
3. They have food prepared, packed, and ready to go
4. Calories count but they understand macronutrients(protein-carbs-fat)
5. They have a lean protein source as the base of their meal (less calories than other macronutrients after digestion, helps muscles recover, keeps you full longer).
6. They are not afraid of good fats
7. They eat carbs that are full of fiber and nutrients (veggies and fruits such as berries)
8. Keep a water jug with them at all times
9. They have a grocery list….go trash all the junk and show me a grocery list!!
10. Stay away from processed food, junk, and empty calories (dressings, calories from drinks, etc.)
11. They don’t over-analyze but instead take action and get better every day….habits and consistency

Focus on the process!!!
Detric Smith, CSCS, ACSM-HFS