Complicated means you have a reason to fail…you can’t figure out.

But nothing in life is that complicated. It Is simple..find the hardest path and don’t get off of it…EVER

After analyzing some pretty impressive transformations, and some athletes that have gone on to dominate their competition there a few things they all have in common…

1. They have a PLAN. They developed this plan by seeking help from those smarter than they are, and surrounding themselves with people who have done what they want to do.
2. Their definition of “whatever it takes” is…..WHATEVER IT TAKES
3. They have a goal…and they keep the goal, the goal…they are focused.
4. They respond well to adversity. You will get knocked down. I call this life…get back up
5. They sacrifice…time, money, giving up something. It will be a requirement to reaching your goals.

How can you apply this to your fitness goals?

Seek out a quality coach and follow their plan.

STOP GIVING UP…and then give up something(sacrifice).

The hardest path is not always pretty…you don’t need a mirror, a juice bar, waiting room, a miracle supplement, and sitting on a machine opening and closing your legs is not going to get results faster than squatting, picking up things off the floor, pushing, pulling and other basic movements. The drive thru window is not the hardest path . Try grocery shopping for the entire week, preparing your food for the week, and then packing that food for the day….repeat.

Have a goal and be obsessed about it. Don’t chase 5 rabbits though…it just means you are not focused and will be average at a lot of different things.

Do the above and it will carry over into some other areas of your life. Above sums up who we are, and what we represent at Results Performance Training. No Stuart Smalley motivational speeches or “moral victories”…you are either going to do this thing, or you are not going to do this thing.

Do you have what it takes? Are you ready to get results? Are you going to take the hardest path?

Detric Smith, CSCS,ACSM-HFS to set up your free consultation