It has been a year in the studio already!!!! I can not put into words how thankful I am for each and every one of you!

Special thanks to…….

The boot camp family!!! Thanks for your support, hard work, and the awesome transformations!! A special thanks to those who were there with me at the Rec and VRB dance studio. The new studio does not exist without you guys!

My family and close friends. You were there to listen to me (over and over again) when some tough decisions had to be made this past year

An incredible staff!!!!…Kayce, Erin, Jon, Jim, Lisa, and the newest member of our family Derek!

To potential members of our family…Growth only comes after change. Change is ALWAYS difficult. Have faith and take a chance on Yourself. Believe in what you will become and the goals YOU WILL attain, even when no one else does. Going after something that is worth having means you will have to become better. The only way you become better is through hard work and surrounding yourself with a support group that REFUSES to let you fail. Individuals that motivate you to become better each and every day.

To all of our current members… You have been that support group for me this past year. Thank You!!!