Soft Tissue Work: Foam Roller And The Stick


To help maximize the recovery you experience after your workout sessions, you can’t go wrong with the foam roller and stick. This foam roller can be used to help with stability exercises as well as for improving your hip mobility and core flexibility. It’s important to maintain good core flexibility throughout your training as doing so will not only make all the various exercises you perform feel easier, but it will also help to reduce the risk of lower back pain development as well.

Using a foam roller is also a great way to reduce the muscular tension occurring deep within the muscle cells after training as well, which will help ease muscle pain and soreness, and get you get back into the gym sooner again.

This product is also often utilized in pilates and yoga classes, so if you’re thinking of getting involved with either activities, consider picking one up for yourself.

Jump Rope 


If you want a fat blasting form of cardio workout that will not only improve your heart health but also allow you to strengthen the body at the same time, consider picking up this jump rope.

Skipping is a fantastic form of cardiovascular exercise that will improve upper body and lower body power, all while enhancing your balance and agility as well. Furthermore, it will also help to burn just as many calories as running would, so if you want to see the same weight loss results but seriously dislike running, skipping proves to be an excellent alternative.

Best of all, you can literally pick up this rope whenever you have ten minutes and get in a fast cardio session that will move you one step closer to your fat loss goals.

This particular jump rope is built from very high-quality materials so you won’t need to worry about the rope breaking down over time like many other skipping ropes do and the handles will provide comfort and support for your hands so that you can easily continue on with your skipping the entire way through your session.

This jump rope is easy to pack along to take with you to the gym that you’re visiting, or you can use it right in the comfort of your own home.



If you’re looking for an alternative to classic weight training exercise, using bands is your perfect solution. Resistance bands will still provide you with the intense workout that you’re looking for that will help to strengthen your body, boost your metabolism, and enhance your overall muscle tone and definition.

Resistance bands can be used to target both the upper as well as the lower body and come in a number of different resistance levels, which allows you to easily customize your workout to your skill level.

Furthermore, these bands will place far less stress on your joints overall, so they’re a great option for anyone who does typically experience knee, back, or shoulder pain when doing weight lifting workout sessions.

Bands are great for travel – simply pack them up and toss them into your suitcase. Or, if you’re doing a home workout program, they can easily be tucked away into the drawer when they’re not in use.

These resistance bands contain well-built handles that easily allow you to hold on and maintain the course of the movement until exercise completion. Ranging from 25 pounds of resistance all the way up to 300 pounds, you simply cannot go wrong here.


One of the hottest trends right now in the fitness world is kettlebell training. Kettlebell training is quickly replacing traditional style weight lifting exercises and can be used to boost your metabolic rate, strengthen all the major muscles in the body, while also enhancing your balance and agility level.


Kettlebell training is going to develop a superior amount of power throughout the body when used properly during compound, major-muscle movement patterns such as kettlebell swings, clean and jerks, as well as the kettlebell press.

Exercising with kettlebells will also provide you with not only a terrific resistance training workout, but if you use them while taking short rest periods between exercises, you’ll also notice that you get great cardiovascular conditioning as well.

Doing a workout with kettlebells is great for both of those who are looking to build muscle or burn fat, and can be used by beginners, intermediate, as well as advanced trainees.

These particular kettlebells are top of the line when it comes to material and build and are made from steel, not iron. Furthermore, they all have the same size in diameter regardless of what weight you choose, so that makes them very easy to utilize as you progress through your program and go up in skill level.

With weight ranges of 8kg all the way up to 48kg, they’re the perfect option to complete your workout sessions.

Medicine Balls 
Medicine balls are another hot piece of workout equipment that you should consider getting a hold of for your workout sessions. Medicine balls are great for performing a wide variety of core movements with and can be utilized on your own or with a partner.


Having a partner toss you a medicine ball as you move through various core movement patterns is a perfect way to add additional resistance to what would otherwise be resistance-free workout session. This helps you build up an accelerated level of core strength and will ensure that you are able to combat any forces that may act in your direction.

Medicine balls come in a wide range of different weight levels, so can be used by those of various strengths. While they are traditionally used for core movement patterns, don’t let this make you think that you can’t use them for other exercises as well. They’re also great for plyometric throwing exercises, over the head presses, upright rows, bent over rows, and can be used overhead when performing squats, lunges, as well as split squats.

Medicine balls help to add versatility to your workouts while increasing the enjoyment you get from each session, so are not to be overlooked.

Ab Wheel 
If you want to increase the intensity of your abdominal training program, the ab wheel is a perfect device to turn to. The ab wheel will dramatically increase the amount of challenge placed on the abdominal muscles as you go about your workout routine and will also target the shoulders and hip flexors as well.


The ab wheel is perfect for those who find traditional crunch and other beginner core movements to be too easy and who need added tension placed on the muscles for greater improvement.

With the ab wheel, you can roll out however far you can comfortably go while maintaining proper form positioning, so it’s easy to advance this exercise as you go along. The further you roll yourself out, the more stress and tension you’ll place on the core muscles.

The ab wheel allows for great possibilities in those who are doing home workout or gym workout sessions. Easy to tuck away when not in use, it’s a great piece of workout equipment to have.

If you are looking for an alternative to strength training with weights, sandbag training may fit the bill perfectly. Sandbag training is going to be great for working muscle fibers all throughout the body as you can perform a wide range of compound exercises using the sandbags.


Sandbag training is going to be ideal for those who have built up a base level of strength and now want to further challenge their muscles, while also bringing the core muscles into play as well.

Sandbags can be used outdoors, adding a very unique twist to your workout protocol, or can also be taken into the gym or even into your basement if that’s what you prefer.

These sandbags are top of the line in terms of quality as they have a closure system with an outer shell surrounding the inside filler bag. Additionally, they come with comfortable grip handles that ensures that you can easily utilize them through every exercise you complete. This provides a worry-free way to train with sandbags that are very comfortable to use and will easily challenge your body every step of the way.

Available in three different weight levels, you can quickly progress through your training program when using sand bags, making sure that you never hit a progress plateau.

Stretch Out Strap
One often overlooked component of your workout routine is stretching. Sadly though, leaving this particular element can have a very large negative influence on the other areas of the workout routine, really decreasing the total results that are seen.


PNF stretching, which is typically completed with a partner is one of the best methods of stretching to do, however not everyone always has a workout partner with them. That’s where this stretch out strap comes into play.

You can easily perform all your typical PNF stretching without having to have someone there to do it with. This strap is highly comfortable to use and will allow you to stretch more effectively and safely than you would with the partner.

The strap easily accommodates to people of many different sizes and comes with a poster demonstrating 20 different stretches that you can perform.

If you add this to your workout routine, you can rest assured that you will quickly see the benefits from doing it with not only your flexibility level, but your fitness level as well.