· Will be done through email. and go to the same place and will be received.

· Will not be done through facebook

· Phone/text is not preferred for scheduling

· Thursday night rule- Your schedule request for the next week will be submitted by Thursday

· If you miss a session during the week put in a request for the following week to make up if a make-up is needed. We do allow members to attend 4 sessions the week prior to missing if they know in advance.

· No 24 hour changes (request for the next day)

· Done Monday through Friday

Trial members

· If you miss a week without contacting us then you will be required to reserve your spot again.

· You will be required to sign in for each session during your trial

· You have 5 days from your first session to take advantage of the special for first time members. If taken advantage of then your time will not start until the end of your trial.

· All of your sessions will be completed before the deadline that was agreed upon with your trial. Sessions after that date will not be honored.

· The consultation is a required part of your trial along with the required paperwork

· You can not combine 2 different trials

Checks (paid in full)

We strongly prefer the use of our mindbody system for payments. We can take payments by card at the studio if you have any problems with our online system. In the event there is a check/cash payment plan agreed upon the rules below will follow.

· Due on the 1st.

· $25 late fee will be charged after the 5th

· Checks need to be hand delivered to the personal trainer that is on staff that day. Every personal trainer knows the procedure for taking money


As noted on the contract they can be pushed back for medical with a notice from your physician. Moving outside of the range can cancel the contract. Contracts will not be pushed back due to a vacation or any other reason after it has been signed. If you have special concerns that would that need to be taken into consideration then this can be discussed before signing the contract. We offer one, three, six, and 12 month contracts for your convenience.

Consultations and assessments

· Scheduled on mindbody for 30 minutes consultations. This can be taken advantage of by all members at any time.

· Re-assessments will be scheduled by email.

· If you are in a time slot where there is time before the session we can do it then so a special trip is not required. Please allow us time to calculate and give these numbers to you. If requested we can give copy’s at the studio of your results.

One on one training and semi-private groups

· If you miss your session without 24 hour notice then that session is lost.

· Can be scheduled at any time that large group training is not taking place.

Other rules

· Proper footwear and clothing are required for each session. You can not train without shoes or shoes deemed unsafe by a trainer.

· We are closed on Sundays with the exception of personal training (if agreed upon with your personal trainer in advance)

· Profane thoughts are expected, but should not be expressed verbally