Golfers, soccer players and many other athletes are looking to find ways to stay in shape during the off-season. Failure to stay in good condition may result in poor performance at the beginning of the new season and weeks of training simply to reach the level that you had obtained by the end of the previous year. There is also a much greater chance of injury to players who think that they can still go out and play when their muscles are not as limber as they were.

One way to stay in shape is to find indoor leagues. Many traditional outdoor sports are now being played indoors during the winter months. If you search your local fitness centers, you will quickly learn that you can play football and soccer inside.

Should you discover that your sport is not available, you should look for one that you do enjoy and will be able to provide the type of workout that you require to stay in top shape.

Endurance is one area of training that can be done during the winter and there are countless ways that you can build your stamina. You can do endurance training right at home or you can join a gym.

Many health centers offer memberships on a monthly basis, which is ideal for those people who know that they will not be using the facility once it gets warmer. The great thing about gyms is that they not only offer machines to use, they have fitness classes that specialize in endurance training.

An endurance course that is really gaining in popularity is spin classes. The bike has long been a standard piece of equipment in the gym. Cycling not only builds endurance, it is a great cardiovascular exercise. The down side of the bike has been that you often do it by yourself and it is boring. A spin class incorporates the benefits of biking in a group situation. There is an instructor and sometimes even music. Instead of pedalling by yourself staring at a wall, you listen to the instructor and adjust and vary your biking as you increase speed and tension.

Avid golfers and people who participate in similar types of activities may not want to train endurance. They are more interested in keeping their muscles limber and flexible. These individuals might want to consider classes that specialize in these areas.

Zumba is very popular. This workout combines various dances with cardiovascular exercise. Dancing is an ideal way to stay flexible and fit. Unlike many other aerobic classes, fun is one of the main ingredients in this class. Additionally, Zumba has a number of sub-categories. There are classes, which combine weights and ones that are specifically designed for older people.

Not everyone wants to join a gym. Many people find it inconvenient and they do not like to exercise in a class atmosphere. For these types of individuals there are countless workout DVDs available. Endurance DVDs range from Tae Bo to Boot Camp style routine. There are also hundreds, which will target stretching and muscle tone.

No matter what sport you like to participate in during the summer months you should stay in shape during the winter. Not only will you reap the health benefits from the additional exercise, you will be ready to start the season right where you left off.