My most successful clients……..

Show up consistently….and work hard while they are there!

Don’t make excuses…they make things happen. Think “10x rule” if you have ever read this book (one of my all-time favorite books by the way that has nothing, but everything, to do with reaching your fitness goals)

Mentally tough….not only during the sessions when it is time to get that extra rep, but also at the table when you have to resist that piece of cake or junk food

Prepared….They follow the plan I lay out for them. They also have all of their meals cooked, packed, and prepared for the week on Sunday or follow the meal movement program below to take the guesswork and planning out of the equation

Specific goals…They know exactly what they want to achieve.

Believe…They already know it’s going to happen before they enter the door…They just use my advice and motivation to accelerate the process and avoid a few bumps in the road that come from lack of knowledge or experience.

They NEVER give up. They learn from the setbacks and let all of the negative things that happen provide extra motivation!

Make things happen,


Detric Smith, CSCS, USAW,ACSM-HFI offers his personal training (weight loss and sports performance) services to the Williamsburg, VA area through his business