Life has a funny way of slowing you down. Last week that was lying in bed with food poisoning …. No fun at all. It would have been nice to say I was in some cool vacation spot, or took the day off to relax with family and friends, but my goal was to keep food down. I needed the time to read and reflect. Below are a few thoughts that went through my head last week and some lessons from the great coach Dan John. I am convinced the real reason I was sick was to give me a chance to read his books. A few thoughts from me and then some lesson from Dan John….

• Food prep is important…..but have more patience than I did last week!!!

• Ask for help… and then either listen (even if it’s a book- Dan John in this case) or let them do their job. I have a great staff that more than stepped up last week. Thank you!!!!!!!!

• When in doubt, do not demo jumping exercises when you are in the recovery process of food poisoning…

• People don’t think about their health until something happens. VERY minor in this case, but I see this all the time. Sometimes it’s about more than looking good in a pair of jeans. Invest some money (hopefully at Results Performance Training in Williamsburg with a site address of and time to your health before it’s too late…things like spending more time with the family, getting off meds, moving better, handling stress better, and just feeling good are also important. In case you missed my shameless plug above… “Results Performance Training, we make people feel good”-Detric Smith

• It is true…men don’t handle being sick well.

• The work will still be there tomorrow. Not sure about you, but I will never get “caught up”. It does not always help me (because I tend to be a people pleaser) but I read these quotes often…

…“The most important thing, is to keep the most important thing, the most important thing”-Donald Coduto

“oftentimes, in order to get to the big things, you have to let the small bad things happen. Once you realize that you can turn off the noise without the world ending, you’re liberated in a way that few people ever know.”-Timothy Ferriss in 4 hour workweek

Staying focused and keeping things in priority are important factors to reaching any goal. Sometimes it can be hard to filter through all the (mis)information and things trying to distract you. This is the reason I love reading Dan John. Not only is he a great strength coach, but a great teacher that has a way of making things very simple.

Below are the books I was reading last week with my “free time.” Since most of the members I train care about weight loss I will quote some Dan John tips related to this topic…

“wanting to lose weight has practically no meaning. Certainly, an accident with a lawn mower would cause weight loss.”

Lesson—This is the reason we take bodyfat percentage and measurements. People get caught up on the weight all the time, but don’t realize they will more than likely gain muscle and lose body fat when starting a program. They often get discouraged (and quit) if they just look at the weight even though their strength numbers are improving, they feel better, and their bf% is going down. If you get that momentum in a program you better stick with it….it’s hard to get back. Stop weighing yourself every 3 hours!!!!!!

“This revolves around one basic issue, YOUR FOOD CHOICES. The key here is to prepare yourself on a daily and weekly basis to be able to make good food choices.”

When you master food choices you are setting yourself up for long term success, and this is what we are after….unless you want to keep going up, and then down, and then up, and then down? Of course calories count BUT you are not going to make long term progress when you lose muscle (metabolism) and stay hungry around the clock… eating sugar, fast food, drinking beer, tons of carbs, and processed food will never lead to long term progress…stop kidding yourself.

He then goes on to say…

“ if your food list consist of Eggs, tuna, blueberries, chicken, grapefruit, veggies, salmon, oatmeal, almonds, apples, and cottage cheese then you probably don’t need weight loss books”

A few more tips-

• Never shop or go out Hungry
• Eat before you go food shopping
• You must have a shopping list…everywhere
• Buy a lot of the stuff you plan to eat
• Try keeping almonds and apples on hand so you don’t have the urge to pull up to the drive thru window

..And one of my favorite Dan John quotes..

“A woman once asked me if I knew a diet where you could eat anything you wanted. I said yes, but 1st she’d have to eat 2 pounds of salmon, 3 cups of oatmeal, a cup of blueberries, two bowls of mixed veggies, and a carton of cottage cheese. After she finished that each day, she could eat anything she wanted. In short, focus on good foods and the rest will probably take care of itself. Just think, it only took us a couple hundred years to figure this out.”

If you want to ask me how many calories was that? what time she ate her first meal? Or what was that name of that Dan John diet book?… then you completely missed the purpose of this article. In the event you completely missed the purpose of this article, and need help reaching your fitness goals, send over an email to with “I want to feel good” so we can set up your free consultation

Happy snow day,
Detric Smith, CSCS, ACSM-HFS