Quick post with a little video that motivates me every time I see it. Even though this video has exercise footage, it has nothing to do with exercise. It has everything to do with reaching your goals, in and out of the gym. As you watch this video do not get caught up in the minor details but listen to the message. Ask yourself how much do your goals really mean to you? How bad do you want it? What are you willing to give up? Are you mentally tough enough to keep pushing when your body or your mind want to give in?

Over the next few weeks in addition to exercise and diet tips I plan to post about the things that really matter. What I want every RPT client to represent, what I try to represent myself. I will explain what makes Results Performance Training different from your typical health club or group class. The name of the business has Results in the title for a reason. I expect everyone to get them. So this stuff might seem very simple and rah-rah……… but these are the difference makers.

Stay tuned boot campers and future boot campers.