Age does not matter. It is just as important to stay fit when you are older as when you were young. The health benefits are the same for both young and old alike. Exercise can improve your focus, concentration, reduce your weight and increase your memory. Regular workouts will reduce the chances of cardiovascular disease, certain kinds of diabetes and various other weight related illnesses.

The population in North American is aging. There are more people right now over the age of fifty than ever before in history. To accommodate this trend health clubs are increasing the number of classes that they offer to seniors. Gyms are specifically targeting senior needs and interests. The home based fitness industry is also keeping pace with this trend.

If you are a senior who has decided that it is time to get moving again, you should consider a few things. The most important of course, is your current level of health. Do you have any existing conditions that may limit or restrict the activities that you are able to do? If you are not certain, your first step would be to get a complete physical and speak to your doctor about your plans.

What kinds of classes are best for seniors?

A tango class is a great idea. Researchers at the University of McGill have been searching for ways to treat seniors with Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. They have found that the Tango is a great way to lessen the progress of both diseases. Unlike the Waltz, the Tango is composed of complex movements and combinations. Dancing helps to improve flexibility, loosen muscles and is a great cardiovascular exercise. Seniors who took Tango lessons showed significant improvement in their reaction times and balance.

Swimming is an ideal workout for seniors. It can be done in either a group type of environment or alone. Additionally, there is very little stress put on joints while a person is swimming. The water itself provides a great resistance workout and the chance of falling is minimal.

Tai Chi is becoming very popular among both senior men and women. This ancient martial art is a great way to improve balance and flexibility. Many of the movements are done in a series of combinations, which helps to increase focus and concentration. The reason that this martial art is so popular among seniors is that it can be done at a slow steady pace.

Yoga is another form of exercise that is ideal for both men and women. Many seniors discount taking this type of activity because they think that it is not within their ability. Yoga can be adapted to accommodate almost every level of fitness and can work around many disabilities. You may not be able to get down on the floor and assume the lotus position but you can take advantage of the breathing techniques and many of the balance and upper body stretches.

Walking of course is one of the best activities that there is. For those people who live in regions where walking in the winter is not only dangerous but unpleasant, a treadmill may be the solution. Treadmills have changed over the years. An incline treadmill can increase the cardiovascular and endurance aspects of the exercise without increasing the speed.

Seniors need to stay fit. Age is no longer an excuse to not exercise. There is no such thing as being too old.