The beach is right around the corner and we have created a program that is perfect for you if you face any or all of the obstacles below……….

your kids are involved in about 50 million programs so this makes it hard for you to get your routine in?

you might be having a hard time affording the cost of a 3 or 4 day program with us?

you might be having a hard time getting back into the swing of things and fear exposing your beach body to the world in just a few short weeks?

We have created the perfect program to get you back on track…an 8 week program that includes a nutrition manual telling you exactly how many calories to take in..grams of protein, carbs,useful supplements,etc….this is about as done for you as it gets!!!…and we are even throwing in a before and after assessment to help you track progress.

Do you think this is worth $11 per session?!!………Just 2 payments of 89.99 with no committment after that. This sale ends May 1st so take action fast so you can reserve your time going into the summer. Use the link below and contact me to reserve your spot now….

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