Quick Tips To Boost Motivation When You’ve Hit A Low

If you’ve been going about your workout program and feeling great and then one day, you just don’t seem to have that desire to hit the gym or maintain a good diet, you need a quick motivation check-up.

Motivation does tend to come and go for a number of people but as long as you have a game-plan strategy for those times when it is faltering, you can be sure that you keep it higher over the long term.

Here are a few quick tips to use when your motivation takes a turn for the worse.

Think About The Positives

The very first thing that you should do is write down a long list of all the positive benefits and changes that you’ve been noticing in your body.  Far too often we focus on the negatives, without even acknowledging the progress we’re making.

Start looking at that progress. Simply by keeping it in your mind, you’ll feel more compelled to move forward.

Find Some Inspiration

Next, find a good source of inspiration. This could be a positive role model – someone you look up to or it could be a magazine picture of a body you wish to obtain (just make sure it’s realistic).

Whatever works for you – use it.  Look at or talk to this inspiration as often as possible.

Change Up Your Program

Finally the last quick and simple way to regain motivation is to change up your workout program. If you’ve been going to the gym day after day doing the exact same thing, it’s no wonder you’re bored.

Anyone would be bored in that case.  Try something new. Whether it’s a few new exercises or an entirely different form of workout that gets you out of the gym completely, the change of pace will definitely do you good.

So think of these next time you’re in a motivational rut and need a boost. They’ll get you back up to speed quickly.

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Fast Methods To Assess Your Progress

As you go about your workout program, one thing that you should make sure you’re doing on a continual basis is assessing your progress.  It’s important that you’re constantly looking at what you’re doing to ensure that you are in fact moving in the right direction.

Some people allow themselves to stick with a program far too long without seeing the results they’re after, which only then leads them quickly into a fat loss plateau.

Or, they strictly use the scale as a judge of whether they’re making progress, which while it can be good, it doesn’t always tell the complete picture.

Let’s look at a few fast methods that you can start using that will quickly allow you to see how you fare with your program.

The Mirror Test

First things first, when it comes to appearances, it’s important to realize that there’s much more than just what the scale spits out.  Start using the mirror as a guide.  Do you look leaner in the mirror? If you do, then you’re on the right track regardless of what the scale says.

If you’re gaining muscle, your weight could be going up but this doesn’t mean you aren’t making progress.

The Heart Rate Test

The second test is the heart rate test. Monitor how quickly your heart rate returns back to normal after a cardio session. If it bounces back to resting pace quickly, you’re in great shape. If you feel winded for 10 minutes, you have some work to do.

The better your conditioning, the better your heart rate will adjust itself to current exertion levels.

The Fatigue Test

Finally, also look at how fatigued you are on a day to day basis.  If you feel constantly run down and tired, this is a good sign that you need to increase your workout frequency and potentially intensity. On the other hand, if you feel energized by day’s end and ready to hit the gym the next day, your fitness is definitely improving.

Keep going on as you’re on the way to great results.

Make sure that you have a look over these three factors from time to time. They can give you a better glimpse into your overall workout progress.

Designing A Weight Training Routine For Optimizing The Metabolic Rate

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 If you’re someone who’s seeking fat loss results, one thing that you must make sure you’re doing is looking at the little ways that you can increase your metabolic rate.  Your metabolism is what determines how many calories you burn 24/7, so anything you can do to increase this number upwards is definitely going to go a long way in helping you realize success.

Many people completely overlook the metabolic factor of things and instead just focus on bringing their calories down lower. Instead, take this angle and you’ll fare far better.

Let’s look at what you can do to design a weight training routine that will help you maximize your metabolic rate.

Use Short Rest Periods

The very first must-do to boost your metabolism is to keep your rest periods shorter. 30-60 seconds is what you’ll want to aim for and ensure that you maintain a slightly higher heart rate throughout the entire session.  This makes it more anaerobic in nature, so will also help to strengthen your cardiovascular system as well.


Moving along, consider adding some supersets into your training as well.  Supersets are a great way to boost your metabolism and cause your muscles to work extra hard as you fight through fatigue.  Since you’ll be creating so much tissue damage while doing these, that damage will take extra energy to repair after the session is completed, which is what results in the higher metabolic rate.

Pair antagonistic muscles together or alternatively, upper and lower body muscle groups.

Use Compound Lifts

Finally, the last thing that you should do to help boost your metabolic rate upwards is to utilize compound lifts.  Compound lifts are those that are going to work more than one muscle group at a time.  So they’ll be your bench press, your squats, your deadlifts, you shoulder press, your bent over row – exercises of that nature.

The more muscle fibers you work, the more intense a session is and therefore the greater boost to your metabolism.

So there you have the key facts to note about how you can jumpstart your metabolism and kick your fat burning into high gear.

Contact Detric Smith through his site www.resultsperformancetraining.comfor more information about his personal training and fitness boot camp services in Williamsburg, VA

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Choosing Your Protein Powder Perfectly

If you’re on a mission to improve your health and fitness, getting enough protein is a must.  Sadly though, many people struggle with taking in enough protein as protein-rich foods aren’t always the easiest to prepare, nor are they generally the foods that people crave.

Protein powder makes this easier.  It’s quick, convenient, and can be incorporated into your diet in a number of different ways, so it’s really the ideal option for those on the go.

Let’s take a quick peak at two main points you need to know in order to choose your protein powder properly.

Think About When You’ll Use It

The first thing to consider is when you plan to use your protein powder.  If you want to use it between meals or right before bed, go with a casein protein powder. This form of protein digests much more slowly in the body, which means that it’ll keep your muscles satisfied for a longer time to come.

If you’re going to be using the protein powder immediately after a workout on the other hand, then you’ll want to go with a whey isolate, which is designed for rapid digestion. This will help boost your recovery rates and work perfectly at that time.

Check The Carb And Fat Count

Moving along, the next thing that you should be doing is looking at the carbs and fat content. If you want to use it to replace a meal, get a protein powder that has these added nutrients added in.  That will give you more sustenance until you can eat again.

On the other hand, if you’re dieting intensely, you want as few carbs and fats as possible.  You don’t want to take these nutrients in with your powder – you want to get them from whole foods instead.

So there you have the main points to consider as you select your whey protein powder.  Take these into account and you’ll make a smart decision.

Workout for MS

I sent out a special email
to my boot campers about a month ago asking about charities and organizations
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Boot campers Kris and
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wife who has MS, but others who suffer from this horrible disease. Kris and
Brian are both good friends of mine so this annual charity event means a lot to
me. In working with Kris and Brian I have 2 goals…


  1. Make sure they have the
    best race of their life!
  2. Even more important to
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    less fortunate


Just one workout for
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Lower intensity group personal training


My goal is to help EVERYONE reach their health and fitness
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Special features with this group include….

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You will enjoy coming to this group and you will get into
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At only $139 per month(3 month contract), which breaks down
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Look forward to getting you into the best shape of your

Detric Smith, CSCS, USAW ,ACSM-HFI


Body Fat Versus Body Weight – What You Must Remember

As you go about your diet and workout program, it’s important that you make sure to monitor your progress. For most people, this comes with a daily weigh-in. Since losing body weight is one of the most common goals for most people, they monitor that number on the scale very intensely.

If it’s moving downwards, they’re happy and motivated to continue on. If it’s not moving downwards, they’re frustrated and ready to throw in the towel.
But what few people realize is that the scale may not be the best measurement device at all.

In fact, you might want to avoid the scale if you want to see optimal progress.
Let’s look at the main difference between body weight and body fat so you can get the full picture.


The Difference
First it’s vital that you understand the difference between body weight and body fat level. Your body weight represents your total body mass. Basically, fat and muscle combined. When you lose weight, it doesn’t tell you whether that weight lost is fat mass or muscle mass – just that you lost weight.


Why Body Fat Is More Important
On the other hand though, getting a body fat test is a far wiser strategy because this will indicate whether you are in fact losing body fat. Since that is the form of tissue that you really want to be losing here, it’s what you must focus on.

If you’re losing muscle, not fat, you really aren’t making progress. If you’re gaining muscle, not body fat, you are. This is how the regular scale misleads you.


How Often To Measure
So start looking at body fat measurements instead. Get them checked out once every 3-4 weeks as this is about how long it takes to see a noticeable difference and you will be on a much better path to staying motivated and seeing true success.